E-commerce giant aimed at large-scale commercial VR shopping takes time

In September, Ali Baba's "Taobao buy+" scheme is launched on time, East of Beijing on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival announced the formation of electric field first "VR/AR industry advancement Alliance" formed VR lab, publishing APP "VR shopping galaxies".

Household appliance industry: copper prices rising dialogue electric industry?

Sales, determined by the prices in the household appliance industry of the whole industry chain enterprises revenue and profit growth, and promote the long-term development of household electrical appliance industry.

You must know the seven anti-electromagnetic radiation in the appliance

don't let the appliance cluster. Do not put the appliance too concentrated or used often, especially televisions, computers, refrigerators should not be centrally placed in the bedroom, so as not to expose themselves to radiation overdose risk.

Appliances low carbon focus: design, materials, technology

Low carbon home appliances promotional keyword, consumers purchasing home appliances will also consider the performance of energy saving and environmental protection.

How can the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises "going out"?

In recent years, the household appliance industry development into financial straits, behind the market downturn also reflects a lack of innovation.

Household electrical appliance enterprises have launched Internet business platform

Aoweiyun network jointly published recently by the China electronic information industry association "large screen blue book" notes that "by 2020 OTT-market scale will reach 630 billion yuan.

Toaster works principle

When you press the operating handle, plastic rod pressure contacts, circuit board power.

Frying machine maintenance

Seven maintenance Fryer rule:1, mechanical in operation first turn off the power before.

What are the principles of electric kettles and maintenance tips

Electric Kettle principle and the maintenance small skills has which? with network of rapid development, now people in asked problem of when will directly Advisory

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