To make bread at home, is the oven or the bread machine better?

Many friends will be confused whether to buy an oven or a toaster? Or do you need to buy another bread machine if you already have an oven?In fact, from the working principle, the bread machine and the oven are completely different. Let the electrical appliance manufacturer kongseng make an analysis with you.1. OvenThe oven uses built-in upper and lower heating pipes to heat and control the temperature. It can not only bake bread, but also steak, cake, chicken wings, etc.;2. Bread machineThe bre

Is the electric kettle still usable?

Can the electric kettle still be used after soaking in water?When the electric kettle is soaked in water, it cannot be used. Unless the electrical part of the electric kettle is completely dry and the test circuit is normal, it can be used, otherwise the electric kettle will be short-circuited and burned, and it may also cause a fire.What problems should I pay attention to when using an electric kettle?1. When using the electric kettle, put the water in the kettle first, then connect the kettle

How electric kettle works

How the triple safety protection function works:1. Automatic shut-off function when water boils: After the power is turned on, the electric kettle uses the heating coil/tube to convert the electrical energy into heat to heat the water in the kettle. When the water boils, the thermostat will work and automatically cut off the power.2. Anti-dry burning function: The dry burning temperature control is closely attached to the heating tube/disk through silicone grease (thermal conductor). Heating in

What is the function of a toaster?

We KONG SENG APPLIANCES LIMITED is principally engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of kitchen appliances including electric kettles, toasters, toaster oven,deep fryer, knife sharpener and coffee makers etc. As a professional manufacturer of small home appliances, KONG SENG is highly focused on quality control, just-in-time delivery, cost control, provision of innovative and tailored products and good service to attain total customers satisfaction and maintain a win-win relationship with

Teach you to choose a good electric kettle

One, according to the capacity selection Different specifications of hot water bottles have different capacities. When purchasing hot water bottles, we can choose the corresponding capacity hot water bottles according to the situation of our own staff. If there are only two or three people in the family, then when buying a kettle, you can choose a kettle of about one liter. If there are more than three people in the family, you should choose a kettle of more than 1.7 liters.Second, look at

What are the maintenance methods of household hot water kettle

1. In order to prolong the service life of the electric kettle, the mineral deposits in the electric kettle should be cleaned regularly.

How should we buy household electric kettles?

Nowadays, most households use electric kettles to boil water. There are many types and brands of electric kettles on the market, and their materials and functions are also different. How should we buy household electric kettles?

How to use the toaster?

The toaster is a heating appliance. Its function is to generate enough heat near the bread slices to bake the bread. Make it hot or crispy, and then apply butter or cheese to taste easily.

How should I use the newly bought oven?

What should I do when I use the new oven for the first time? Many times we use it in accordance with the product manual, but then we will share common new oven tips.

It is important for the electric kettle to boil water at 2 o'clock!

In our lives, there is an electric kettle in every household, and it is convenient and time-saving to use it to boil water. But we must keep these two points in mind when using it, otherwise the water you burn out is more toxic than plastic. Let's quickly follow the editor to take a look!When using an electric kettle, we must pay attention to its material. The common ones are 304, 306, and 316, all of which are not subject to steel. But the national standard stainless steel food with GB9684

What are the requirements for a high-quality electric kettle

As the basic function of the electric kettle, the accuracy of the automatic power-off when the boiling water is boiling is mainly due to the thermostat.

How to choose an espresso machine?

The types of espresso machines include manual espresso machines, semi-automatic espresso machines, and fully automatic espresso machines. So how should we choose? What are the advantages?

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